Windows/DOS Developer's Journal published an article by Mike Dawdy in April of 1995: Identifying UARTs, Their Ports and IRQs; a correction notice was published the following month, and a follow-up letter-to-the-editor in August. The code is in the file with the August 1995 issue.
The same publication, renamed to Windows Developer's Journal published another of Mike's articles in August of 1996: A More Accurate Timing Tool. The code is also in the WDJ code archives, with the August 1996 issue.
On two recent occasions Mike was invited to speak to the professors and graduate students of The Computer Science Department, The University of Western Ontario as part of the Departmental Faculty Research Colloquium Series. His topics coincided with his WDJ articles.
In the archives of the UWO Computer Science Department, and referenced on their web site, is technical report TR-6 published by Mike Dawdy in 1972 titled The Construction of an I/O Programming System for Small Computers.
Mike was an invited speaker at a Learned Societies Conference at Carlton University in 1972. His topic, A Multi-tasking Operating System for Small Computers, corresponded with TR-6.