Mid to Late 1990's

I was [almost!] the first professor at Fanshawe College to have a personal web site. I was certainly the first to use the internet extensively for all of the courses that I was teaching.

I had the internet on cable at my home with a static IP address, so I was able to set up my own internet server. I ran WinNT Server 4.0 with web, ftp, time and chat server software. I put the course outlines and assignment sheets on the web site, had students submit assignments using ftp, encouraged extensive use of e-mail, and posted student grades to a password protected section of the web site. The time server updated my system clock each day so that it was reliable, a requirement since the student assignments were graded based partly on the timeliness of their completion.

I was also among the first to teach Java. I had the students download and install a very early version of the JDK onto some OS/2 systems, and write some simple programs and applets.