Mick Dawdy



"I believe that my greatest asset is not my knowledge or experience; rather it is my attitude and approach to technical level work, and my excitement at the challenge."


To find very technical level computer programming work in assembler or machine language, for microcontrollers or microcomputers, either new development or maintenance of existing code. Debugging is a specialty.


August, 1996 Windows Developers Journal "A More Accurate Timing Tool" [Assembler Language, programs 8254 PIT, and 8259A PIC]
April, 1995 Windows/DOS Developers Journal "Identifying UARTs, Their Ports, and IRQs" [C Language, programs NS16550A UART, and 8259A PIC]


Assembly/Machine Languages: 68HC11, 8051, IBM PC, IBM 360/370, IBM 7040; DEC PDP-10, DEC PDP-8; Burroughs B500. Programming Languages: C; some HTML, C++, Java, Visual BASIC, COBOL, Fortran, PL/1. Operating Systems: MS-Windows, MS-DOS; some QNX, OS2, UNIX


Proprietor, Multi-MIPS Hi-tech Software, London, Ontario
1988 - present:
contract computer programming: assembly and C languages
communication applications; specialized applications

Professor, Information Technology
1972 - 1998  Fanshawe College, London, Ontario
chosen by peers to be Program Coordinator for a 3-year term

Computer Programmer
1966 - 1972  University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario
work included compilers, operating systems, robots


MSc, Computer Science
1971   University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario
"The Construction of a Hierarchically Structured, Interrupt Driven Operating System Kernel for a Small Computer"

BA, Mathematics and Economics
1966   University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario


Hiking, Off Road Jeep, Martial arts, motorcycling, rollerblading, birding, sailing, photography
1994 - 1995  board member, Federation of Ontario Naturalists; elected to Regional Director position
1987 - 1995  board member, McIlwraith Field Naturalists of London Ontario; includes a term as President

"If you have problem code then you may ask me to fix it!"