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A New App! A Technical Internet Utility

Available Fall 2023! App Testers Wanted Now!


This is an internet crawling, HTML scraping Android App. Crawl throughout the internet, from website to website, scraping here and scraping there, to be wherever, to find whatever there is to be found,

to see what you can see…

Celtic dragons, symbolic of power and wisdom,

protect the Earth and all living things.


CrawlNScrape: Ethical Internet-Crawler & HTML-Scraper

Crawl wherever! Scrape whatever!



Follow this link to check out CrawlNScrape [Crawl and Scrape], to decide if you want to try it, and perhaps if you wish to join the CrawlNScrape Open Testing Group

to see what you can see…




These are the apps that I have previously uploaded to Google Play…


Simple Mobile

Data Toggle

WiFi and

Mobile Data