IPGeoLocation With CrawlNScrape

Each CrawlNScrape user needs to have their own free, personal API_KEY in order to access geoLocations from the internet. There are many providers available. CrawlNScrape uses this one:  https://ipgeolocation.io as it has a very good free plan that we can use,..

“We have a hard limit of 1000 requests per day on our Free plan”

This hard limit of 1000 requests per day is a reasonable and practical limit for users of this app. The app does display a toast message with the number of requests so far for the day every time you make a request. You can keep track precisely from within CrawlNScrape by…

  1. choose Save State&Stack from the DEEP CRAWL menu
  2. choose ipgeolocation.io from the DEEP CRAWL menu
  3. sign in to your account
  4. scroll down to see the official count, updated by the server every 20 minutes
  5. restart CrawlNScrape either directly or through the background apps
  6. choose Restore State&Stack from the DEEP CRAWL menu

You will get an information email from the ipgeolocation.io server if you go over the limit. Please avoid that. We do not wish to abuse our privilege.



To get signed up, browse to https://ipgeolocation.io


From inside the CrawlNScrape app choose ipgeolocation.io from the DEEP CRAWL menu and scroll down to the Signup link


Select the Get Free API Access button, circled in red

Choose your sign up credentials →

       Google email or

       Github account or

       Other email

It does not matter which you choose or what email account you use here.


It is useful to save your login credentials when prompted. It makes subsequent logins easier.

For signing in, if you had chosen to save your login credentials at signup, at this prompt you just have to select/tap anywhere in the Email Address / Password areas and the system will fill in your login credentials.

This view is called your Dashboard. It may magically appear after you login or you may have to select it using that more icon [the 3 horizontal bars in the blue on the right side].


Select the copy icon in the red circle to copy your API_KEY to the system clipboard….

After you select the copy icon, the Copy icon will be replaced by a green checkmark →

The API_KEY will stay saved in the system clipboard until you overwrite it. Start the CrawlNScrape app and select CrawlNScrape from the bottom menu →



Select Set API_KEY from the popup menu →

The message Paste API_KEY here appears→


Long press on this message→

The word Paste appears similar to this →

Tap that word Paste, a Toast message will momentarily appear on older devices at the top of the view on newer devices at the bottom, indicating that the API_KEY has been stored.



When you tap Paste, CrawlNScrape saves that API_KEY into a file in a private area [SharedPreferences] of your device. Usually, this data will persist until CrawlNScrape is uninstalled or until it is deleted by the user. If it ever becomes deleted or corrupted somehow, you can simply follow this process again to reinstate it.

Also in that file CrawlNScrape keeps GEO_COUNT, the count of the number of calls to api.getGeolocation, and the day part of a DATE field so CrawlNScrape can check at each startup if this is a new day and thence reset the local count to zero. This process may not correspond with the algorithm used by ipgeolocation.io to determine the start of a new day for counting. If there is a concern you can consult your Dashboard at ipgeolocation.io as detailed at the top of this blog for an accurate count that is updated by the ipgeolocation.io server every 20 minutes.