INFO100, Introductory Visual Basic

Information for Final Exam

The exam will be held during the college exam week, which is the week of Monday April 20, 1998. The actual date and location will be published here when known. This document may be updated up to 1 week before the exam, but will not be changed after that date.

Section 1. Procedure for Final Exam

The purpose of this procedure is to help to assure the integrity of the examination process.

This information is based on Fanshawe College policy number 2-G-5, Written Test and Examination Protocol

College policy 2-G-5 paragraph 2.7 states in part: if a student discovers an error he/she may indicate in writing the nature of the perceived error to the invigilator. The student is advised to answer the question in the best possible way.

College policy 2-G-5 paragraph 3.9 states in part: for final examinations, students will be required to bring a signed piece of identification (e.g. a student card) which they leave on their desks.

  1. leave books, backpacks, etc along one of the room walls
  2. leave some seats vacant in the row at each side of the room for people who may arrive late
  3. place your student card [or other signed identification] face up on your desk
  4. do not communicate with the invigilator regarding examination content
  5. when you are finished:

Section 2. Description of the Final Exam

The final exam is worth 30% of the final grade for the course.

Section 3. Study Guide for Final Exam

Some questions will require writing Visual BASIC code from given problem descriptions and flow charts.

You may also wish to study the page on the web site which is an edited excerpt from the Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Programmer's Guide, Chapter 5, Programming Fundamentals. This would give you another point of view, in addition to that of the professor and of the textbook. Note though that none of the test questions is based directly on this excerpt.