INFO200 and CMPT440, Intermediate Visual Basic

E-mail Exercise

by Wednesday evening of week 1 I will have sent a short message to all students who are in my address book; this should include all students registered full time; reply to me before 4:00 PM on Friday of week 1; I will reply to your reply on the weekend; you should then check Monday morning of week 2 that you did receive my reply

my new e-mail address is; you do not need to know this to reply to my messages, but you do need it to send your original messages

part-time students are not provided with a college e-mail address; if you are a part-time student and have your own e-mail address, then send me a message from your address and I will add it into my address book; be sure to include your full real name and student number, and indicate which course you are taking: INFO200 or CMPT440; if you do not have an e-mail address then please speak to me about it one day during week 1

this should ensure that the communication is working