INFO200 and CMPT440, Intermediate Visual Basic

Assignment Evaluation

  1. This document provides general information for assignment evaluation in the INFO200 and CMPT440 courses. Specific information will be given in class for each assignment.
  2. Technical problems with your computer, your internet service provider, etc are your own responsibility. No due date extension or evaluation consideration will be given for any problems with such systems.
  3. The due time of an assignment on the due date is the time at which the g1012 college lab closes on that date.
  4. An assignment is deemed to have been received at the date and time stamped in the ftp directory, converted to local time. [The ftp program displays the time in GMT, which is 5 hours different from local time.] In determining the late penalty, all days are counted during which the g1012 college lab is open. The late penalty for assignments is as follows:
    1 day late: 10%
    2 days late: 20%
    3-5 days late: 30%
    6-8 days late: 40%
    9-11 days late: 50%
    If an assignment will be more than 11 days late you should discuss the situation with the professor.
  5. Assignments must be technically correct. The specific requirements will vary with the assignments. This usually requires following instructions and procedures which may be quite complex. Usually 10% is deducted for each technical error encountered. If the assignment will not run because of technical errors, it must be corrected and resubmitted, and is then subject to the late penalty. The student is notified of this by e-mail mail.
  6. Assignments may be required to contain certain techniques. These techniques will depend on the lesson and chapter material associated with the assignment. Assignments without such techniques must be corrected and resubmitted, and are then subject to the late penalty. The student is notified of this by e-mail mail.
  7. Programming assignments must be logically correct. This usually means that they give correct output for a set of test data. Depending on the severity of the error there may be a mark reduction, or it may be required that the assignment be corrected and resubmitted. In the latter case it will then be subject to the late penalty. The student is notified of this by e-mail.
  8. Programming assignments must have on the first form of each program, [access to] the students name and the course number INFO200 or CMPT440; this is usually accomplished using the Form Caption, a Label, or a Help | About Menu
  9. Assignment and test grades are posted in a password protected area of the web site.