Project 4

This project is worth 30% of the final grade.The finished projects will be installed on the web site and made available for sale to potential customers. This project may be done in teams of 1 or 2 or 3. Teams larger than 3 are not acceptable. Please make up your own teams. It is expected that students will work together and help each other, but each team must have itís own project.

Each team is to complete an information systems or other application with the following characteristics:

An example is a customer data base for a barber shop. The system stores name and phone number for each customer, and the dates of previous haircuts. The business owner is able to extract information such as:

The system could be extended to, for example, do financial projections based on past experience.

Each team may venture into the community to locate a business partner. Teams are encouraged to partner with volunteer agencies, non-profit groups and family businesses, as well as with the agricultural, business, commercial, entertainment, industrial communities.

Project 4a

A proposal is due by e-mail. It should include a brief description of the project, the name of any business or organization for which the project is being done, the names of the team members, and 4 keywords that a potential customer might use when searching the web for your software.

Project 4b

By the beginning of the last week of classes, the project is installed on the web site for marketing and distribution.


1. These are the requirements to achieve 50% of the grade for this project:

Ensure that your project satisfies the following list. Marks will be deducted for shortages in any of these areas so that a project may receive less than 50% of the grade. A program which does not run, or which runs poorly, because of syntax or other technical problems, is not acceptable for evaluation.

2. These are the requirements to achieve more than 50% of the grade for this project:

First, satisfy the criteria above; then consider the following: