INFO200 and CMPT440, Intermediate Visual Basic

MidTerm Exam Information

This exam is held in week 7 of the course:

It will be held at the usual classroom and time. This document may be updated up to 1 week before the exam, but will not be changed after that date.

Section 1. Procedure for the MidTerm Exam

The purpose of this procedure is to help to assure the integrity of the examination process.

College policy 2-G-5 paragraph 3.9 states in part: for final examinations, students will be required to bring a signed piece of identification (e.g. a student card) which they leave on their desks. I am applying this part of the policy to the midterm exam. Please bring your student card or other signed piece of identification to the exam and leave it face up on the desk while you are writing the exam.

  1. leave books, backpacks, etc along one of the classroom walls
  2. leave the first 3 seats in the row at each side of the room for people who may arrive late
  3. place your student card [or other signed identification] face up on your desk
  4. when you are finished:

Section 2. Description of the MidTerm Exam

The midterm exam is worth 30% of the final grade for the course. This exam will consist of writing Visual BASIC code from given flow charts or problem descriptions. To get full marks on these questions your code will have to be printed neatly, use standard code conventions, and be technically correct.

Section 3. Study Guide for the MidTerm Exam

For standard code conventions see the text pages 107, 847, 848, 851, 852 and 854. Standard code conventions typically refers to appropriate use of upper and lower case, appropriate use of white space, and use of appropriate variable names including standard prefixes.

For technical correctness see the text pages 108-112, [Note: do not use implicit declaration, rather use explicit declaration; see page 110;], 116-119, 123-124, and 138-142.

The questions will be based on the ideas in the two example programs VB2Example1 and NewEx2. You will be asked to answer two questions. Each question will consist of a description of a part of a program accompanied by a flow chart. You will be asked to write the Visual Basic code corresponding to the flowchart.

You should be familiar with the logic and code required to do the following:

Note that procedures and functions are not required by the questions on this exam.