Mid 1970's to mid 1980's
In this time frame my computer work included learning and teaching assembler language and
operating systems for the IBM 360/370/Etc systems. It also included learning and teaching
COBOL, PL1, BASIC and Pascal, at least at the introductory level.
My focus then was more on teaching, sailing and photography than on computer programming.
I did manage to sail on all of the Great Lakes except Lake Michigan, and to win a first prize
and some Award of Merit prizes for my photography . Both of these hobbies were focused on
the technical aspects of their respective subjects, photography including color darkroom, and
the sailing including racing [and eventually sailing in Europe, although I missed an opportunity
to do an Atlantic crossing!]
Mid 1960's to mid 1970's
I took my first computer programming course in my final year of university. The Computer
Science Department hired me upon graduation. My first project was lead programmer on a
team writing a COBOL compiler for an IBM7040 computer. Subsequent projects included
writing an ISAM system in assembly language on a DEC PDP-10 to allow Fortran programs to
use direct access to data files, writing a small operating system to allow graduate students to
program a DEC PDP-8 to control a robot, design and implementation of a programming
language to allow artists [yes, artists!] to use a DEC PDP-8 to generate graphics images on a
CRT, and the design and implementation of an interrupt driven kernel for an operating system
for the DEC PDP-8 computer. The latter work formed the basis for my Master's Degree thesis,
and for a technical report by the Computer Science Department.
I completed two contract jobs for a local computer service bureau that required writing
assembly language programs for a Burroughs B500 to read paper tapes produced by a Friden
business machine, and one contract job for the same company to debug a large, complex
COBOL program "by Monday morning at 10.00 a.m. or else we will lose the account".
Mid 1950's to mid 1960's
I was a scientist even back then! As a boy I sold New Liberty magazines door to door in my
neighborhood, and with the proceeds I bought a ChemChraft chemistry set. Chemistry was my
hobby during grade school and high school, funded by my jobs delivering newspapers, and
working as a delivery boy for drug stores. The most exciting event of that era was the
launching of the Sputnik satellite!