HTMLSpyII permits Deep Web Scraping, that is detailed examination, of the HTML and HTTP code of any WebSite. With Deep Web Scraping you can search any web page for links, especially links to other web pages or web sites. Then explore those pages and sites for further links. Then continue deeper and deeper into the World Wide Web, to see what you can see, anywhere, everywhere.

HTMLSpyII presents a MainView with access to six working Activities each with contextual Help: Connectivity, CodeView, JsoupView, WebView, FtpView, and File Manager, all accessed through a ToolBar Menu Spinner control.

The help text is written using HTML and works with Google Translate, so you can translate the help to any language known to Google. Run the Chrome browser [or one of many others compatible with Google Translate], with the Google Translate extension. Also, there are links on my personal website that permit you to translate this Play Store description and all of the help files into any language known to Google. From the website click on Android, then click on HTMLSpyII.
Note: The Help files are served from my personal WebSite. You need to have either Mobile Data or WiFi enabled to access the Help

Connectivity has options for retrieving technical data about the HTTP URL Connection to a website including ping, Mobile Data/Wifi, Header Fields and Host Names.

CodeView displays the HTML code from the website. There are options to manage URL Redirects. There are search options to scan the text and the HTML code. This search includes the meta data [HTML code]; for example, if you want to discover if the page contains any VIEWPORT tags, enter "viewport" as the token.

JsoupView provides code analysis and website scraping with access to website icon, title, description, keywords, links, imports, media, forms, meta, images, PrettyPrinted HTML code, and URL Redirects. Deep Web Scraping is included in HTMLSpyII.

WebView, FtpView and File Manager allow you to run any Web Browser, Ftp Client or File Manager App respectively that is installed on your device without leaving the HTMLSpyii environment, so you can easily switch back and forth without losing your place. Links are provided to a few popular versions of each app with a simple procedure to link any other version you may wish to use.

HTMLSpyII is being developed using Android Studio. All modules build with no errors. HTMLSpyII catches run-time conditions and handles each gracefully using a Dialog Box.

HTMLSpyII uses permissions...

The Icons were built with Microsoft Paint and generated by

This version of HTMLSpyII has been tested on hardware...
Huawei P30 Model ELE-L04, Android Version 10
ZTE Model K87CA Tablet, Android Version 10
Samsung Galaxy Tab E, Android Version 7.1.1 Nougat
Samsing Galaxy S4 Mini, Android Version 4.4.2 Kitkat

HTMLSpyII has previously been tested on Android versions...
Jelly Bean [API-16, Android 4.1 to 4.3.1]
KitKat [API-19, Android 4.4 to 4.4.3]
Lollipop [API 22, Android 5.0]

HTMLSpyII has previously been tested on Samsung Galaxy devices...
S6, S6 Edge, S5 LTE, S5, S4, S4 mini, S3, S2
Note, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, Note Edge, Note 8.0
Note 10.1, Note 10.1 2014, Tab 3 10.1, Tab 3 7.0

HTMLSpyII has previously been tested on Genymotion and Android Studio Emulators...
APIs 16, 19, 21, 22
Devices S2, S4, Nexus 5, Nexus 10