SYST620 Object Oriented Design, Project 2

This is an individual project. This project must be submitted by e-mail. The evaluation criteria are [1] technical correctness, and [2] timliness. Projects which are not technically correct are not acceptable for evaluation. This project is worth 10 % of the final grade if submitted on time, 5% if less than 1 week late, 0% if more than 1 week late. Project 2a is 50% of project 2; project 2b is 50% of project 2.

Due Date: July 15, 1997

Project 2a

For project 2a you will need to design a sequential data file and write two Java application programs. The file should contain about a dozen records, and each record should contain some string and some numeric fields.

The first program reads your data from the keyboard and writes it to a disk file. The second program reads a series of record numbers one at a time from the user at the keyboard, and for each retrieves the corresponding record from your sequential file on the local hard disk. The user will press Enter without typing a record number to end the program.

For project 2a submit the created data file and the second program; do not submit the first program.

Project 2b

Write a Java applet program that reads a numeric value from the user at the keyboard and displays it on the screen with a message.