SYST620 Object Oriented Design, Project 3

Project 3a

Due Date: July ??, 1997

Upload the given client and server programs and sample data file to the web site such that the client can interact with the server and data file from a browser program on any node on the net.

Project 3b

Due Date: Aug. 8, 1997

This project must be submitted by ftp.

This is a team project. Make up your own teams of one, two or three; teams larger than three are not acceptable.

If your project may not be completed by the last day of classes [August 15], then you should make special arrangements with the professor, preferably before the project due date [August 8].

Write a server application program which will run on a specific web server machine, and a client applet which may run on any machine on the ‘net. The applet will communicate with the server program and with the user to retrieve information from, and possibly update information in, the server data base.

This project is worth 50 % of the final grade. The evaluation criteria are:

Submit a real paper page to G3001 with: