INFO100, Introductory Visual Basic

Course Overview

This course makes maximum use of internet technology:

It is a major objective of project 1 that students learn how to use these technologies, along with getting started with Visual Basic itself. Project 1 also focuses on a quick and perhaps shallow look at many commonly used Visual Basic techniques. These include fundamental objects such as Labels and TextBoxes, as well as more advanced objects such as OLE, the Data control, and Menus.

Next the course turns to traditional, introductory-level computer programming logic, using flowcharting as the language. The logical elements calculations, decisions, loops, count, total and average are explored in the context of sequential data files. These techniques are then applied in programming assignments which are largely designed by the students themselves.

Finally we explore the Visual Basic techniques encountered during project 1 in more detail, along with some additional techniques. The students are then able to apply these techniques to the program which they started earlier in the course, and hopefully end with a sophisticated, introductory-level, Visual Basic information systems application.

Throughout the course considerable information is presented in class that is not in the textbook, and such information is essential. It is therefor of particular importance that students attend class on a regular basis, and that they have a friend in the class who will take notes when they are unavoidably absent.

Professor Mike Dawdy
December, 1997